We are not composed of a physical body only. We have also an energy body.
This energy is condensed at seven big centers, which are called “chakras”.
The magnetic field of the energy coming into existence around the body is called “aura”.
Normally, our chakras should have intensive vibration like we should have an expanded aura.
Our energy balance as much as what we cat and drink is of prime importance for our health. When our chakras are exhausted or blocked, physical and psychological problems come into existence. The best thing is of course to balance and enforce the chakras without creating any problem.


Bio-energy therapy:

  • accelerates the bloodstream;
  • accelerated the metabolism;
  • balances the operation of hormones;
  • boosts the immune system;
  • ensures healthiness; and
  • enhances our strength against stress.

It is known that diseases occur when the immune system is compromised. According to oncologists, cancer cells come into existence in all bodies every day; however, a strengthened immune system destroys them. When immune system is compromised, they start proliferating in an uncontrollable way. For instance, everybody catches flu and cold. In one of them, recovery is in 3 to 4 days and other may turn the condition to bronchitis and pneumonia. For strong immune system, the quality of the blood is equally important.

Everybody has bio-energy.

Using our hands, we may provide energy to ourselves or others. In our palms, there is a minor chakra. We have 21 minor chakras. It is possible to transfer energy over 7 big chakras. Consider that our energy is a drop and the energy in the universe is an ocean. This drop and ocean are interconnected to each other with vibration and we may receive more intensive vibration from the universe by way of any meditation. This creates a “channel? between the universe and the patient applying the treatment in bio-energy therapy and realizes the energy transfer. We may transfer energy with techniques with and without contact.